Monday, April 21, 2014
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In today’s economy “uncertainty” is a word that is on people’s minds, and for good reason. With the United States unemployment rate at 9.1% there is reasonable cause for concern. If you are currently looking for a job that means you are one of 28,373,800 Americans in search of employment. You may be asking yourself “how do I set myself apart in such a large pool of job seekers”? There are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the most effective solutions is to possess a skill or trade that is required for employment purposes.

The transportation industry is currently hiring drivers from approved CDL Training institutes. U.S. Truck Driver Training School (USTDTS) happens to be one of them. USTDTS has partnered with some of the nation’s top transportation companies including: Stevens Transportation, TMC, Prime Inc., Trans-Am, Swift, and Werner.

Why Trucking?

Are you looking for stability? Many industries across the country are in the process of restructuring. The jobs that once supported many American families are no longer available. Start training for a career as a professional driver and have the freedom to obtain employment in a more independent work environment.

As the U.S. economy, population, and demand for general commodities continues to grow, so does the demand for qualified drivers. With all of these factors combined with a heightened level of safety regulations i.e. CSA 2010, transportation companies are looking for self-motivated and goal oriented individuals to operate their equipment. Entry level drivers have a variety of opportunities to take advantage of including, but not limited to: Regional, Over the Road (OTR), Dedicated Routes, and Local Driving.

Industry Outlook

Almost every product sold in the U.S. spends time in transit. Although other forms of transportation exist, no other form has the same level of flexibility as a truck. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, overall job opportunities should be favorable for truck drivers, especially for long haul drivers. In addition to occupational growth, numerous job openings will occur as experienced drivers leave this large occupation to retire, or leave the labor force all together.

The Department of Labor also states that truck drivers and driver/sales workers comprise of one of the largest occupations in the United States, holding 3.2 million jobs. They also state that the number of heavy and tractor trailer drivers is expected to grow 13% between 2008 and 2018.

Job Requirements

• Must be 21 years or older

• Must have a valid driver's license

• Must have no preventable accidents in the past year

• Must have no drug or alcohol related driving offenses in the past 5 years

• Must have no misdemeanor convictions in the past 5 years

• Must have no felony convictions in the past 7 years

• Must not currently be on probation or parole

• Must be able to pass a Department of Transportation physical

If meet these qualifications and you are serious about training for a new career in the transportation industry follow the link below for immediate consideration.


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