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Image U.S. Truck Driver Training School is committed to not only assisting you in locating the right truck driving job, but also to determining the best method of funding your CDL training.

There are many ways to pay for CDL truck driving school, including WIA grants, TAA, vocational rehabilitation, alternative financing, tuition reimbursement as well as tuition sharing or contract training programs available.

Since each form of funding has its own requirements, we recommend that you pre-apply with our CDL truck driving school or call us, so that we determine the grant that most closely matches your present circumstance.

Pre-Apply Today to find out the best funding options for you.

You might be asking: what the difference is between "tuition reimbursement" and "paid CDL training"?

"Paid CDL Training" is when a company pays your tuition in part or in full.

Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as FREE CDL Training. Trucks, Fuel, Trainers, etc. all cost money. Therefore, the training you receive will come with a price tag in some form or another. If a trucking company is paying for your Truck Driving tuition, you will be required to sign an employment contract for at least 1-2 years dinclepending on the company. If you do not adhere to the terms of the contract or if you quit or are discharged before the contract is scheduled to end, expect a bill in the mail for the remaining balance that you owe to that company for the CDL Training that they provided to you.

"CDL Tuition Reimbursement" is when you and a company each commit to working with each other, and in turn, that company pays you directly on a monthly basis until your tuition has been reimbursed in part or in full, as long as you continue to work for that company.

The idea behind CDL Tuition Reimbursement is that one of the trucking companies that we help you get a job with will pay you back for as long as you work at their company because they appreciate your initiative in furthering your education by obtaining your CDL. You are not under any type of contract with that trucking company. You can work for that company as long as you wish and you are not subject to any length of time that you are required to work for them. Their Tuition Reimbursement Program is simply set up to pay back your tuition commitments, and different companies have different amounts paid to you in your pay check. So, we often invite trucking company representatives to our school so that you can ask each representative as many questions as you like, such as: tuition reimbursement, different types of jobs available like OTR (long haul) or regional, and what parts of the country you can expect to see.

If financing the course through one of our 3rd party lenders isn't for you, we of course take cash, check, or credit cards. We understand that every person's financial situation is different, but no matter what financial vehicle you are using, truck driving tuition reimbursement is available (excludes government funded grants).

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Funding Options

Vocational Rehabilitation- The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) in Michigan offers funding for training if you have a physical, mental, or emotional disability that hinders you in your current job, or hinders you from finding gainful employment. If you have had an accident at any previous employer, and the accident has caused a hindrance in your ability to find a job, you may qualify for this funding.

You may want to research more about this program by visiting the website. However, we encourage you to Pre-Apply with us, as we can help you determine if you qualify for one of the Michigan Rehabilitation Services as well, or point you in another funding direction that may be more beneficial.

TAA - Trade Adjustment Act - The Trade Adjustment Act is similar to the WIA Dislocated Worker program, except that the TAA is a federal program. One often qualifies for this program if they lost their job because their previous company moved out of the United States. Your previous employer would have an approved Trade Petition and in some cases you would have received a letter of notification of your eligibility for the TAA Program.

If you are currently laid off and have not received any notification of TAA eligibility, your employer may still have not received an approved trade petition. Someone in their human resource department will most likely know the status of their Trade Petition.

WIA - U.S. Truck Driver Training School is WIA approved in the state of Michigan. The Workforce Investment Act helps those who are economically disadvantaged or those who are dislocated workers. Pre-Apply Today, and we will help you determine if you may qualify for Workforce Investment Act Funding as well as help you every step of the way through the process.

A. Adult Program - The WIA Adult Program is geared toward the unemployed, the under-employed, or the unskilled worker. You will be referred by U.S. Truck Driver Training School to speak with a caseworker who will make the final determination if you qualify for this program.

B. Dislocated Worker - The WIA Dislocated Worker program is if primarily for those who have been laid off, and have no exact date for a call back. You will be referred by U.S. Truck Driver Training School to speak with a caseworker who will make the final determination if you qualify for this program as well.

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