Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Trans Am (2)

Trucking is in constant need of new over the road truck drivers.

With our high standards it is very important that they come from an excellent truck driving school like U.S. Truck Driver Training School. TransAm has hired several students from U.S. Truck Driver Training School and have found them to be well trained and prepared for a successful career as an OTR truck driver. We have a great working relationship with U.S. Truck Driver Training School and TransAm has one of the strongest, most effective finishing programs in the trucking industry. Designed to help students graduating from a good school like U.S. Truck Driver Training School to be successful in their new driving career.

Dean Cochran
Director of Driver Recruiting


Trans Am (1)

With our continued long-term commitment to the transportation industry we want to encourage as well as support U.S. Truck Driver Training School in pursuing the Department of Labor's Community based training initiative to assist with recruitment of new drivers. Growth within the industry demands that our company constantly recruit new drivers to maintain operations. Our company relies on U.S. Truck Driver Training School to be a dependable partner in assisting with staffing needs and look to the school as a primary provider of new drivers with the training necessary to be successful in the industry.

As a strategic partner we have collaborated with the school in recruitment activities in the past and plan to continue to work with the school. To maintain our competitive position we value the relationship and dependability of the school as a source for new drivers trained to address the needs of the transportation industry.

An investment in U.S. Truck Driver Training School will directly benefit the transportation industry in Michigan. Your support of their grant proposal is warranted and appreciated.

Dean Cochran
Director of Recruiting TransAm Trucking


Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation Inc. is very proud of the strong partnership with U.S. Truck Driver Training Schools in Michigan. For over 15 years Swift has been hiring CDL graduates from USTDS and your schools have become the primary source of qualified drivers for our company in the state of Michigan. The hundreds of well trained drivers, meeting FMCSA and Dot requirements trained by your schools and employed by Swift transportation have enhanced our business relationship.

It is imperative we have solid working relationships to continue our partnership for growth in the future. With your continued support, Swift Transportation will remain and continue to grow as the largest truckload carrier in the United States. Since our business relationship began 15 years ago, Swift Transportation has grown from a 9,000 truck company to more than 16,500 trucks and 50,000 trailers with regional, dedicated and over the road driving opportunities with excellent pay and full benefit packages including tuition reimbursement up to $5000 at the rate of $125 per month.

Thanks to your support we look forward to many years of continued success and growth together.

Tom Cook
Regional Recruiting Manager Swift Transportation Inc.


Stevens Transportation

Stevens Transport is very proud of the strong partnership with U.S. Truck Driver Training Schools in Michigan. For over fifteen years Stevens has been hiring the CDL graduates from their schools and USTDS also retains Core School Status among our organization. To be considered a premier proprietary trainer for Stevens Transport and obtain core School status a school must demonstrate a superior record, meet all FMCSA and DOT requirements as well as Stevens highest standards of training.

Selected for their thorough safe methods of training and due to their constantly outpacing other truck driver training schools, we have chosen to only hire USTDS students out of Michigan. Consistently we average approximately 50 to 60 drivers from USTDS monthly and in years of strong economic times we would hire approximately 70 to 80 a month. The outlook for 2010 and beyond will call for consistent slow growth as we climb out of the recession. Our goal is to continue to strengthen the relationship with USTDS and collaborate on training the best qualified drivers in the industry. The career opportunities provided by USTDS and Stevens have been changing lives for decades.

Stevens Transport Inc. is the hlth largest privately held refrigerated carrier in the nation. We rank in the Top 100 for hire carriers and have for many years. Throughout our 30 years of operation we have never experienced a lay off. Financially sound and an expert in Transportation, Logistics and 3PL, we provide Total transportation services to Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Angela Horowitz
Vice President of Administration Stevens Transport

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