Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Rick Moore

To Tyler and the entire staff at U.S. Truck Driver Training Schools, Inc.

I want to thank you for the excellent truck driving training I received at USTDTS. The teaching and training staff is second to none. Their enthusiasm, dedication, communication and Professionalism towards the students is excellent. I look forward to being a professional driving in the transportation industry thanks to the training I received at USTDTS.

Thanks again and I will refer as many people as I can to USTDTS.

God bless you and the entire staff at USTDTS.


Rick Moore


Hank Giron

To Leslie and Joseph,

I would like to take the time to personally thank both of you for going

above and beyond your regular job requirements. When I spoke to Stevens for the second time with respect to my application I must say that I was surprised that they would not accept me.

Leslie, thank you for taking control of the situation and understanding the importance. Having you on my side was the difference and I am not sure that another school's Job Placement Assistant would have supported the way you did.

Joseph, thank you for taking time out of your schedule and contacting Stevens directly, I am sure that without your involvement, Stevens would have not accepted me.

For everyone's information, after Leslie directed me to call Stevens on more time, there was not issue, Denise Torres acted in a professional manner and move forward explaining further information to me.

It is people like you that make company's successful, going the extra mile and provide excellent service is what people will remember. If you would like to use me as reference please do, and if there is anything that I can do to support USTDS, please let me know.



Hank Giron

USTDS Student


Charles Resk


Last week when I came in to get my certificate you asked me to send you an e-mail about my overall experience in class. I feel that having Penny and Don both as Instructors was a great benefit.  Both of them were there to help and would make sure that you understood what you needed to without being overbearing. I could tell that they were instructing from experience and would give us different scenarios that we would face on the road.  School went by very fast and I was surprised how much I learned in a short amount of time.  I believe that Penny and Don are among the best when it comes to driving a truck and teaching students how to drive. I did have Pat as an Instructor a couple of times and he is also a good Instructor.  All 3 of these Instructors made me feel relaxed and not pressured while I was learning which does help anyone to learn. I know that I have just started learning and U.S. Truck Driver Training School gave me a good start in a new career.

Thank You,

Charles Resk


Brian Miller

I want to take this moment to let you know how my experience at your Truck Driving School was back in September. I didn't know what to expect never thinking that I was going to be even going to school to become an OTR Truck Driver. I had previously worked my entire 23 years of my career in the Automotive Industry as a Cad Designer & Program Manager for several Tier 1 automotive part suppliers.

As I stated above I didn't know what to expect until I started your school's training program. When I showed up for my first day, I could tell right from the start that your instructors were very well informed and knew what they were talking about. There was allot of information that we the students were given in a very short time, but your curriculum was set up so well, that it didn't seem to be overwhelming to any of the students in my class. I was also very pleased in how the Yard and the Road curriculum was ran. Those instructors were also very well trained to be able help the students out when needed and could easily tell when some of the students were struggling, and helped those students through the issues they were having problems with in very little time.

My overall assessment of U.S. Truck Driving School is the following:

The school itself is a very neat & clean facility and was very comfortable for the week of classroom training.

The (2) weeks of yard maneuvers was set up very well, very informative and the instructors were top notch.

The equipment used for training in the yard and on the road was exceptional and made me very comfortable when I took my road test.

"ALL" of your instructors were very well trained and all acted in a Professional manner, which is something that I wondered about before I signed up for any class. I was "VERY" pleased with all of the aspects of your Training Facility/Curriculum and I would "HIGHLY" recommend U.S Truck Driving School to anybody. Thanks for everything in helping me get my new career as an Over the Road Truck Driver.

Best Regards,

Brian S. Miller

October 21, 2009


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